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Magical massage: The benefits of using a scalp massage brush for hair growth

Magical massage: The benefits of using a scalp massage brush for hair growth

Are you looking for a way to give your hair a serious boost without harming your scalp or using any harsh chemicals? Girrrl, do we have good news for you! Our brand new Scalp Rescue Massage Brush is here.

But whether you choose to use our scalp massage brush or another, you need to know how to use it properly to get the best results. Keep reading to find all the answers to your scalp massage brush questions!


What are the benefits of using a scalp massage brush?

Healthy hair starts with your scalp. We’ll say it again for those at the back: your hair is only as healthy as your scalp is.

Improved blood flow

The great thing about massage for hair growth is that it stimulates blood flow to your scalp. This is essential if you want to grow long, healthy hair.

When blood flow to your scalp is boosted, you’ve got yourself a healthy scalp, which is the starting point for happy and healthy hair.

woman walking in lavender field

Increasing blood circulation in the scalp paves the way for new hair to grow, boosting thickness and strength.

A great massage

You probably love those divine head massages you get when you visit the salon. A scalp massage brush brings that lovely, invigorated feeling to your home.

woman having her hair washed at a salon

But there’s more to it than that. Scalp massage has been scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth.

So, not only does it feel great, but it also works magic for growing long, luscious hair.

Deep exfoliation

Another aspect of caring for your scalp involves exfoliating it. Why is this important? There are plenty of dead skin cells and product build-up on our scalp. This can make it harder for new hair to grow.

Massaging your scalp with a brush gives it a really good exfoliation and detox, which is essential to healthy hair.


How do you use a scalp massage brush? 

There are two ways we recommend using a scalp massage brush, with a hair treatment or as a massage.

With your treatments 

After applying your favourite hair treatment, like a hair growth oil or shampoo, hold the scalp brush in your palm and press it to your scalp.

woman using hair oil for hair growth

Using light to medium pressure, use the brush to massage your scalp in small circular motions.

This increases the absorption of the product you’re using and stimulates that all-important blood flow to the scalp.

As a massage 

You can do this on both wet and dry hair, whatever floats your boat! Again, hold the brush in the palm of your hand and use it in small circular motions. You’ll want to apply light to medium pressure.

If you are using the scalp massage brush on dry hair, make sure you’re actually actively moving the scalp when you massage rather than just rubbing your hair follicles. This will ensure you don’t damage your hair.


How often should I use a scalp massage brush?

We love getting this question. Uh babe, how often do you want to feel good? That’s your answer right there!

Just kidding. Let us be a little more specific.

For best results, use your scalp massage brush every day or every second day. But really, it’s safe to use as often as you like.

By using light to moderate pressure, you won’t be causing any harm to your scalp or damaging your hair.

If, for some reason, your scalp feels sensitive or sore, take a break from using your massage brush for a day or two until it feels better.


What will happen to my hair if I use a scalp brush? 

While there is no scientific evidence that 100% proves that a scalp massage brush works, it certainly does a lot for keeping your scalp healthy. And that’s 🔑 to healthy hair.

It really comes down to that blood flow stimulation that improves hair growth. There’s plenty of science to back us up on that!


Our final thoughts on scalp massage brushes 

Not only does a massage with a scalp brush feel incredible, but it also has fantastic benefits for your scalp and hair.

bia scalp rescue massage brush

If you’re looking for something to add to your hair care regimen to improve your hair's condition and your scalp's health, try our new Scalp Rescue Massage Brush. With an ergonomically designed handle and strong silicone bristles, you won’t find a better scalp massage brush on the market! Visit our website to shop for yours.


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