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The dangers of using fake or generic dermarollers for hair loss

The dangers of using fake or generic dermarollers for hair loss

Dermarolling with the right dermaroller can do wonders for your hair. The microneedles found on a dermaroller gently pierce your scalp and result in a mega boost of collagen and root stimulation.

When it comes to the science of the matter, there are clinical studies that have proven that dermarolling is a super effective treatment when it comes to fighting hair loss and growing new, healthy hair. A root-boosting treatment that really works? Sign us up for some of that!

the benefits of dermarolling for hair

Unfortunately, as dermarolling for hair growth has become more popular, plenty of retailers have released their versions of dermarollers that are not only dangerous to use but can cause serious damage to your scalp. This is because the tiny microneedles on fake or low-quality dermarollers are made from unsafe metals, aren’t sterile, and sometimes aren’t even real needles.


What you need to be aware of when dermarolling your scalp

Your scalp is essentially skin, like that found on the rest of our bodies. This skin can become harmed, scarred, and infected, just like the skin on our face. 

Keep in mind that when you are using a dermaroller on your scalp, you’re basically piercing your scalp and leaving an open wound there to heal.

Of course, when done correctly and with the right tool, these micro-injuries heal quickly and start producing that lovely collagen we spoke about earlier.

However, when you’re piercing your scalp with something that isn’t safe to use, you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of issues.


Rolling with discs versus needles

Fake or imitation dermarollers are problematic when it comes to their needles. If they’re not made from the right materials, if they’re not the right depth, and if they’re not sterile, they can cause serious damage to your scalp.

The first difference you’ll likely spot between generic dermarollers and those that are actually safe to use is that the former is made from titanium wheeled discs that are stuck together. The needles on these titanium rollers act more like triangular knives than needles and can cause greater trauma to your scalp as they do more cutting and tearing than piercing. They can also be harder to clean effectively.

comparing dermarollers

You see, titanium isn’t as sharp as its alternative, stainless steel. This can lead to all kinds of issues. Proper stainless steel individual needles are sharp enough to pierce the scalp effectively without causing any damage. If surgeons use stainless steel equipment, we’re pretty sure it’s safe for you to use on your scalp!

How do you spot the difference between a fake and genuine dermaroller? A genuine roller will have actual visible needles, while a fake dermaroller has what looks more like spikes or blades. You can tell if titanium discs are being used if the product states 520.

There will generally be more needles on a titanium disc dermaroller than on a genuine device. More needles results in more damage – a dermaroller with fewer needles will penetrate the scalp easier than one with too many.


Also, a top tip is that genuine dermarollers are usually transparent, allowing you to easily spot each individual needle. Titanium needles are usually closer together as they are multiple metal wheels stuck together.

The wrong microneedles may pierce your scalp too deeply, which can cause significant and damaging wounds that may not heal correctly. This can lead to scarring and infection.

If the needles on the dermaroller you use aren’t sharp enough, like those found in titanium disc rollers, you can cause small tears in the skin on your scalp, which are also hard to reverse.

And lastly, if the needles on your dermaroller aren’t completely sterilised, you could be piercing dirt and bacteria into your scalp, which, as you can imagine, would lead to infection. Titanium derma rollers aren’t nearly as sterile as those made with surgical steel, which is a metal used in medical surgery (so you know it’s safe!)


What to look for in a good dermaroller 

Okay, enough with the scary stuff! Let’s talk about what you should look for in a good dermaroller for your hair.

The actual handle and the design of the dermaroller don’t really affect the quality of the product, although an ergonomic handle will help loads…working on top of your head can be tricky. What’s important to pay attention to is the needles on the actual roller.

You’ll want to make sure that any dermaroller you buy has been manufactured in a safe and sterile environment and that it has been approved by the governing body for cosmetics in your country.

It’s also best to aim for a needle depth of 1.5mm, as this is what research shows works best for hair loss. It’s just the right depth to pierce the dermis, the layer of skin you want to reach for effective results. You have full control over how deeply the needle on your dermaroller penetrates your scalp based on the amount of pressure you apply as you roll. Needles that are longer than this, especially those on wheeled dermarollers, can cause permanent damage.

Even though the recommended needle length is 1.5mm, with moderate pressure, they won’t penetrate nearly as far while still ensuring the needles reach the right layer of your scalp to be effective.

woman using dermaroller

Finally, opt for microneedles that are made from stainless steel rather than lower quality and nickel-plated materials. Stainless steel is a highly hygienic and sterile material, which is why we’ve chosen to create a stainless steel dermaroller here at bia. 

Now, it isn’t our intention to shock you or convince you not to use dermarolling to boost hair growth and the health of your scalp. But it is important that you know about the risks involved if you choose to use fake or imitation rollers. Be sure to read the product description of the roller you’re going to buy and do some research on the brand that’s selling it to ensure they have a sterile manufacturing process.

If you’re looking for the perfect, safe-to-use 1.5mm dermaroller with stainless steel needles to promote hair growth and improve the condition of your scalp, you don’t need to look any further! Purchase our high-quality dermaroller, backed by science, by visiting our website.


Cheri Jordan

This information are facts! The way ppl can tell if a dermaroller is fake is by the amount of needles. A fake one has 540 fake needles and the real one has 192 real individual needles. That is the best way to tell without looking at the dermaroller. So ppl can just say oh wait it’s got 540 needed, it’s not real and go onto the next. I’d love to help as much as I can.

Abdhesh kumar singh

Thank you for your information
Now, i can buy the real derma roller.

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