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Dermarolling Done Right: The Importance of Choosing the Correct Needle Type

Dermarolling Done Right: The Importance of Choosing the Correct Needle Type

Just as a painter carefully selects the perfect brush to craft a masterpiece, so should you when choosing a tool as significant as a dermaroller. What's at stake isn't just a pretty picture, but the health and beauty of your hair. Today, we'll discuss why the needle type matters in dermarolling and why Bia's dermaroller, designed with individual stainless steel needles, is the ideal tool to promote effective hair growth.

In the world of dermarollers, not all needles are created equal. Many brands on the market use needle discs rather than individual needles, and the difference between the two is substantial, especially when it comes to your scalp's health and the roller's effectiveness.

fake needle disc dermaroller

 The Science of Dermarolling

Understanding the science behind dermarolling illuminates why individual needles are superior. Dermarolling, or micro-needling, works by creating micro-injuries on your scalp. This process, while not as scary as it sounds, stimulates the body's natural wound-healing response, leading to increased collagen and elastin production—two proteins crucial for hair growth.

The triangular shape of needles on common titanium disc rollers can cause greater trauma to your scalp than necessary. Plus, the disc design traps hair and skin cells, making them harder to clean effectively.

On the other hand, individual needles like those on Bia's dermaroller, penetrate the skin vertically, creating cleaner, more uniform channels without unnecessary trauma. These precise injuries stimulate more efficient collagen production, directly contributing to healthier hair growth.

 1.5 mm stainless steel dermaroller

Your Dermarolling Guide

Proper technique and maintenance are crucial to ensure your dermarolling experience is effective and safe. Here are some quick tips:

- Clean your dermaroller before and after every use. Rinse it under hot tap water, then gently shake dry. For a deeper clean, use an ultrasonic cleaner or a needle-friendly disinfectant.

- Use light pressure when dermarolling. The aim is to stimulate, not damage, your skin.

- Follow a pattern. Move the dermaroller in one direction (up-down, left-right, or diagonally) across your scalp before switching to a different direction.

- Replace your dermaroller approximately every three to six months, depending on how frequently you use it. Over time, the needles will become dull, reducing the roller's effectiveness and potentially causing discomfort.


Our Dermarollers: Why Our Individual Stainless Steel Needles Reign Supreme

At bia, we chose stainless steel for our dermaroller's individual needles, a material commonly used in medical surgery. Why? Because it's sharper than titanium, meaning a more effective, safer dermarolling experience. You wouldn't want anything less for your scalp, and neither would we.

By choosing Bia's dermaroller, you're not just opting for a hair growth tool—you're investing in the health of your scalp and the future of your hair. So why not give your hair the best shot at regrowth? Start your journey to fuller, healthier hair with our Bia dermaroller. Experience the Bia difference, where science meets hair health.

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